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Computer Data Recovery

Data Recovery Canada offers the fastest, most efficient computer data recovery in the nation, usually within 3 to 5 business days.

Hard Drive Recovery

Data Recovery Canada fearlessly fights the Blue Screen of Death and all other causes of hard drive failure to provide hard disk data recovery.

SSD Recovery

Data Recovery Canada provides comprehensive solid-state disk (SSD) recovery services to retrieve lost files from SSD drives.

RAID & Server Recovery

Data Recovery Canada provides fast, efficient server and RAID data recovery to help you maintain seamless business continuity.

Data Tape Recovery

LTO, DLT, DAT... regardless of type, format, age, or cause of failure, Data Recovery Canada offers fast, efficient, secure tape data recovery.

Laptop Data Recovery

Laptops, notebooks, and tablet PCs are the least frequently backed up digital formats. If you�ve lost data, Data Recovery Canada can help.

NAS & SAN Recovery

The more complex a system is, the more vulnerable it is to failure. If you lose data in your NAS or SAN, Data Recovery Canada can help.

CD & DVD Data Recovery

What happens when your backup media fail? You call the specialists at Data Recovery Canada for fast, confidential CD & DVD data recovery.

Flash Cards / Photos / USB

If you�ve lost priceless memories from your flash card or other photo media, trust Data Recovery Canada to get them back.

Zip, Jaz, Floppy

Because of their size, portable media are prone to failure. Fortunately, Data Recovery Canada is prone to retrieving lost data.

WELCOME TO Data Recovery Canada
Manufacturer-recommended data recovery specialists with a 90 percent success rate

In today�s Information Age, corrupt, inaccessible, or lost data is often crippling to both businesses and individuals. Fortunately, Data Recovery Canada has developed industry-leading technology to recover corrupt, inaccessible, or lost data from virtually any medium, from RAID arrays to thumb drives.

Our secure, professional data recovery solutions have been successful in over 20,000 cases, earning us recommendations from top manufacturers, as well as others in the data recovery industry. In fact, we�re so confident in our abilities that we offer a �no data, no charge� guarantee. If we can�t get your data back, you owe us nothing�not even diagnostic or recovery-attempt fees.

Data Recovery Canada operates on a case-by-case basis, allowing us to provide targeted services at competitive prices. We can even take the complicated cases that smaller, flat-rate providers turn down.

If you�ve lost data, don�t panic. Call Data Recovery Canada and let our highly skilled specialists restore your information�and your sanity.