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SSD Data Recovery

We provide Solid-State Disk (SSD) recovery services for all makes and models

With adoption of SSD drive technology on the rise the last number of years, despite being on the cutting edge, with performance boosts and reliability - they do still fail. At Data Recovery Canada, our wheelhouse is getting data back when it is lost, no matter the device.

Whether the lost data is critical to your business or important to you personally, we understand the turmoil its loss can create, and our first priority is to retrieve your data quickly, efficiently, and confidentially. Best of all, if we can�t recover data, you don�t have to pay. That�s our no data, no charge guarantee.

SSD Failures

Solid-state disks store data in flash memory chips. This differs from hard disk drives as there are no moving parts and instead a complex array of specific electronics and connectors operating together. At Data Recovery Canada we have experience with recovering from a variety of the common implementations, but also with other proprietary connections including those from Apple, Lenovo and M.2 specifications.

Common causes of SSD failure include:

  • Degraded flash failures
  • Controller circuit errors
  • PCB overheating
  • Electronic component damage due to things like power surges

Retrieval generally takes between 3 and 5 business days, but emergency service can recover data in as little as 12 hours.

Common Logical Drive Failures:

Human error accounts for almost 25% of the drive failures referred to Data Recovery Canada, and we�ve developed innovative tools for retrieving data that has been accidentally overwritten or deleted.

Some common causes of logical (soft) SSD drive failure include:

  • Accidental deletion of important files.
  • An SSD reformat without a proper backup.
  • Backup failure. Often backups are made but never tested.

Backups are rarely tested or checked until they are needed, but they, too, are susceptible to failure. Fortunately, if you find that even your backup data has been lost, Data Recovery can help. In most cases, we can get your data back within 3 to 5 business days. And if we can�t retrieve your data, you don�t pay a thing. That�s our no data, no charge guarantee.

To get started, or for more information on our SSD data recovery services, call our client care specialists at 1.888.481.9501, or fill out our quick online assessment form to receive a project ID. A customer rep will be happy to answer your questions and walk you through our data recovery process.