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How much will the data recovery process cost?

Because each data recovery case is unique, we don't offer a flat rate pricing structure. The time and effort required is different for each case, so prices vary accordingly.

Desktop or laptop data recovery can range anywhere from $500 to $3500 (single hard drive). For servers, RAID arrays, tapes, and other multi-disk storage systems, these prices do not apply.

Please contact us for detailed pricing information.

How long will it take to recover my data?

Turnaround time for a project will generally range from 24 and 72 hours.

What exactly is the 100% risk-free data recovery evaluation?

With Data Recovery Canada, you will know exactly what is wrong with your media prior to making any financial commitment. Our engineers will determine the precise extent of the damage, allowing you to make a fully informed decision before embarking on the data recovery procedure. .

We know that data loss can be distressing for both individuals and organizations, and we want to take as much of the uncertainty out of the equation as possible. We�re sure we�re the best option, but we want you to be sure, too.

What is the purpose of a class 100 clean room?

Dust, dirt, and other debris can damage delicate magnetic media, especially if it�s already damaged. In order to retrieve data from physically damaged disk drives and media, our engineers require a clean room, which is free of environmental pollutants and particles.

I am considering a software program to fix my problem. Will this work?

While there are many programs being sold online to help recover missing or deleted files from your computer or media, we highly recommend that you do NOT use these programs unless you know exactly what�s wrong with your device and have the technical knowledge to use the program effectively.

Failure to use a software data recovery program correctly can make once-recoverable data unrecoverable. Your best option is to send your media for a free, comprehensive evaluation. This will determine exactly what is wrong with your device, as well as the best course of action for recovering your data.

For more information, call one of our client care specialists at 1.888.481.9501. They�d be happy to assist you.

There are so many companies out there. Who do I trust?

Yes. Unfortunately, there are a number of websites and companies out there crowding the data recovery industry with their use of ineffectual software or techniques. Not only do these methods not restore your data, but they may even make data that was recoverable unrecoverable. In many cases, inexpert �professionals� end up sending your media to us after their methods have failed, driving up costs and taking more time.

With more than a decade of experience and a 90 percent success rate, Data Recovery Canada has proven its reliability. Our Ph.D.-trained engineers work in first-rate facilities at the hexadecimal (machine) level to recover your data. Our proprietary techniques are independent of platforms and operating systems, and they are warranty safe on many top brands.

When you choose Data Recovery Canada, you�re getting the top data recovery professionals in the industry. We guarantee it.

To speak with a client care professional, call us at 1.888.481.9501, OR please fill out our online assessment form to receive your project ID number. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you find the right data recovery solution for your needs.