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How to Ship Your Media to Data Recovery Canada

For the best possible chances at data recovery, package your media very carefully to protect it from any further damage during shipping.

If possible, wrap the media in an anti-static material. Then:

  1. Pack the drive or media in a box twice its size, using foam, bubble wrap, or any other anti-shock/anti-vibration material to protect it.
  2. Fill out the evaluation form as thoroughly as possible, submit the form and include your Project ID# with the package.

Send your media to:

Data Recovery Canada
590 Alden Rd. Unit 105
Toronto, ON, Canada
L3R 8N2
Project ID# _______

We recommend shipping via Federal Express (FedEx) or Purolator for next-day or two-day service. This is the quickest, simplest and most cost effective method, and we will track and manage the shipment on your behalf.

For international shipments, a Commercial Invoice must accompany your package for customs purposes. Please add the description of your drive or media, its make, model and country of manufacture, along with your company address. If you need help filling this out properly, please don�t hesitate to call us. We�re happy to help, and it will take just a few minutes.

To speak with a client care professional, call us at 1.888.481.9501, or please fill out our online assessment form to receive your project ID number. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you find the right data recovery solution for your needs.