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Data Tape Recovery

We handle more data tape recoveries than any other firm in Canada.

Data Recovery Canada handles more data tape recoveries than any other data recovery firm. Regardless of type, age, format, or cause of failure, our engineers have the expertise to retrieve lost data tape information.

Data tapes are common backup media, but even backup media can fail, and when they do, it�s often detrimental to the business or individual who is counting on that tape to archive their information. Fortunately, Data Recovery Canada provides fast and secure tape data recovery.

Common Tape Formats

Data Recovery Canada�s Ph.D.-level computer engineers have the skills necessary to retrieve data from a failed tape cartridge, a complex and time-consuming process. They�re familiar with a wide range of formats, including:

  • LTO
  • DLT
  • DAT
  • DDS/8mm
  • �� cartridges
  • DEC TK
  • QIC
  • AIT
  • ADR

Common Logical (Soft) Hard Drive Failures:

Regardless of the type of tape or the hours involved in the process, you pay only for the data you receive. No assessment fees, no attempt charges. We pioneered the industry�s first no data, no charge guarantee, and it�s been our promise ever since.

Common Causes of Tape Failure

As soon as we receive your media, Data Recovery Canada performs an in-depth evaluation to determine the precise cause and extent of the damage, allowing our data recovery specialists to create a customized recovery plan.

Common causes of tape failure or data loss include:

  • Erased or overwritten data (human error)
  • Broken or de-spooled tapes
  • Damaged tape header or misaligned drive heads
  • Water, smoke, or fire damage
  • Corruption due to electrical or mechanical failure
  • Backup system or tape library failure
  • Bent, cracked, or otherwise damaged tapes
  • Software corruption
  • Incorrect configuration or setup

If you�ve lost data for any of these reasons, or for a cause unknown, don�t panic, and don�t try to fix it yourself. Simply fill out our online assessment form for a project ID number OR call one of our client care specialists at 1.888.481.9501 to get started. They�ll be happy to answer your questions and walk you through our data recovery process.